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Biofoto was created to provide traditional quality photography and teaching opportunities.

My name is Peter Bakator. Having tried several visual creative techniques, I found myself in photography in 1998. Since then I have become a professional photographer, and I have earned numerous photo artist qualifications. My works of art can be found nationwide and across borders – in individual and group exhibitions, competitions, professional magazines and online media.

Qualifications: Professional Photographer

Photo art membership:
-Magyar Fotóművészeti Alkotócsoportok Országos Szövetsége (MAFOSZ)
-Magyar Alkotóművészek Országos Egyesülete (MAOE) Fotóművészeti Tagozat
-Debreceni Új Fotóműhely alkotóközösség (DUFM)
-Debreceni Fotóklub (DF)
-Vadászati Kulturális Egyesület (VKE) Vadászati Kulturális Érték
-dub székház

Personal photography

What exactly is personal photography? It is a genre of photography that focuses only you. Focuses on your personal life experiences, happenings, feelings, your loved ones, and the other elements of your wonderful life.

Pregnancy – Baby |Family |Wedding – Love |Portrait

Company photography

Professional solutions for professional customers.

Hunting | Event | Fashion – Product | Portfolio | Building | Reference

Teaching photography

I’m photographer and You can be a photographer too.
In small group or alone, it is always possible to learn more and more. From beginners to highest level. For photographer and artist too. Learn more and more tips and secrets about photography.

VIP lessons | Group